Christmas can be a very difficult time for young carers like Sophie, but now that we’ve raised an incredible £53,000 from our 2017 Christmas Appeal, we can help so many more carers like her!

Thank you so much for your generous gifts and for enabling us to support young carers at what can be a particularly challenging time of year. There’s still time to donate, so if you’d like to help us reach more young carers like Sophie, it’s not too late to make a difference.Teenage girl. Copyright All library images posed by models

Sophie’s story: Carers Trust Christmas Appeal 

Things have never been the same since Sophie’s mum Jackie was involved in a car accident on her way home from work last summer. Jackie lost her right leg, which has had a big impact on her mobility and a knock-on effect on her mental wellbeing. 

13-year-old Sophie is now the main carer for her mum in the evenings and at weekends when her father, Tom, is at work as a taxi driver. Unlike other years, Sophie isn’t thinking about the presents under the tree. She isn’t excited about the Christmas dinner either.

Please can you give £25 to help young carers like Sophie this Christmas?

Like most young people, Sophie used to really love Christmas as a time to spend with her family and enjoy all of the festivities. But this year, with her father working an extra shift on Christmas Day, it will be down to Sophie to tidy the house, prepare the food, and look after her younger twin brothers, Billy and George.  She told us:

Sometimes I feel like I’m the grown up. Mum finds it hard to cope and make decisions. Dad works so hard, we don’t see him like we used to. It’s up to me to make sure everyone is alright."

The effect of caring can cause stress and anxiety at any age, but this is especially true for young carers who are also dealing with adolescence and the outside pressure of school. Our research has shown that 45% of young carers have mental health issues, and over half of young carers have problems coping with their schoolwork, partly due to exhaustion and having to take time out to help at home. Sadly young carers are also more likely to be bullied.

Please give £25 today so that a young carer like Sophie could receive the support of a school mentor to help her focus in her classes and reach her potential.

With the help of Carers Trust, Sophie now has access to a local support group for other young carers like her. She’s found that being able to talk to people in similar situations and make new friends who understand the pressure she’s under, has helped her feel more able to cope:

I now have something to look forward to every other week at the Carers’ Centre. I have a couple of friends now - Kirsty and Lou. They know what it’s like being a carer; I don’t need to pretend with them."

Sophie is just one of many thousands of carers who are caring for over 50 hours every week. A gift from you today could help us be there for more of them, enabling them to enjoy Christmas time and look forward to the New Year.

Please help us continue to reach more young carers like Sophie, who at such a young age, place the needs of their entire family above their own.

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Sophie’s story has been adapted slightly and her name and image have been changed to protect her identity, but it is representative of many young carers that we support in the UK.