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Can it ever be safe to take drugs and drive?  Do you know what the law says about legal highs?

Drugs and driving

We all know that drinking and driving is illegal but it also illegal to drive when you are high and you can still be unsafe to drive the next day - it's similar to if you have been drinking the previous night.

It's never worth risking your or someone else's safety if you have been drinking or taking any drugs - keep out of the car and don't get in a car with someone else who has had a drink or taken any drugs.

You should also think about if you are able to drive if you have been taking prescribed or over the counter medication.  It is important to stick to the guideline amounts and be careful when driving or operating heavy machinery.

Legal highs

"My friend takes legal highs. Are they safe? Surely they would be illegal if they weren't?"

On 26 May 2016, a 'New Psychoactive Substances Act' came into force making the supply of any 'legal highs' illegal. This new law means that it is now an offence to sell or even give psychoactive substances to anyone for free, even to friends.

The term 'legal highs' isn't really relevant anymore and so now they are being called new psychoactive substances.

There has been a lot of reports in the press recently about people who have died from taking these substances - they are not guaranteed to be safe, even if they are advertised as such.

Some of them are so new there has not been the opportunity to test them and, as with most drugs, it is impossible to know where they were made, exactly what is in them, and how they will affect you.

FRANK has a huge range of info about drugs. It explains what different substances are, their effects and the law. You can also find local support by speaking to your GP or by contacting your local drug and/or alcohol support service. Look online for 'drug support' or 'alcohol support' and the town or area where you live. 

This page is based on a Matter Q&A drugs and alcohol event on 2 August 2016. 

Next update due: June 2017