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You may find that looking after someone can put a strain on your relationships with people who are important to you, whether that's a partner, family, friends or somebody else. 

Relationship support for carers

We've teamed up with One Plus One to create an online relationship guide for carers. It is full of tried and tested support ideas to help you cope with the strain caring may put on your relationships. 

Have a look at our  Carers Trust relationship guide

What's in the online relationship guide? 

The guide includes support for all carers, and can help you look after your relationship with your partner, or your wider relationships with family and friends. It includes top tips to help you put ideas into practice.

If you are looking after your partner the guide includes support about

If you care for a family member, friend or neighbour the guide includes support about

Support with relationships when you're caring for a child

See the Caring for a child section in our relationship guide. It includes information, advice and top tips about:

  • Coping with a diagnosis.
  • Maintaining a good relationship with your child.
  • Looking after your relationship with your partner.
  • Your relationships with your other children.
  • Your relationships with friends and family.
  • Finding local support.

This page was written with support from Jo Bebbington and Sue Titterington at Lancashire Parent Carer Forum.

Who are OnePlusOne?

OnePlusOne was founded 45 years ago and creates resources and services based on sound evidence to prevent relationship breakdown in couples and families.

Poor quality relationships damage the mental and physical health of adults and especially children, while good quality relationships increase wellbeing. Society as a whole benefits from relationships that work well and bears the cost when they fail.

Their unique approach is early intervention – they reach couples and families through the professionals, volunteers and networks they turn to for help about other issues in their lives such as parenting or health.

They promote early action in relationship support and seek to shift relationship support from crisis intervention to prevention. Carers Trust have worked with them to ensure that carers can easily find relationship support.

Find out more on the OnePlusOne website.

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