Young adult carers face a difficult time at university.

They can feel that they are being pulled two ways – on the one hand they want to do well in their studies and become independent, and they also feel that they need to care for their families or friends.

This is backed up by Carers Trust research:

  • Half the days they spent at college or university were affected because of caring. This could be coming in late, leaving early or absence for the whole day.
  • Young adult carers are four times more likely to drop out of college or university than their peers.
  • 42% had paid employment alongside time spent in education and caring to support them in their studies.

That is why we are asking all universities to include student carers when they look at the different groups that may need extra support to fulfil their potential.

Education was really hard for me because most of the time I lost focus as I was most concerned for the ones I cared for."

Young Adult Carer, West Dunbartonshire

Raising awareness of student carers and their issues

It only takes three simple steps:

  • Identify the number of student carers attending their university
  • Support all student carers throughout their education to ensure they maintain good mental health, complete their course and achieve the best grades possible
  • Report on the progress students are making in their university so that they can deliver appropriate support and showcase student carers’ achievements

This campaign will raise awareness of student carers and the issues they experience in Scotland.

It will highlight the extremely challenging conditions endured by student carers that is negatively impacting on them being able to enter, sustain and meet their true potential in higher education in Scotland. Carers provide an invaluable service to their cared for person/s, but also to their local community and to Scotland.

It is Student Carers Time to be Heard in Scotland. 

As with all campaigns, the key success of Going Higher in Scotland relies on its supporters! Student and young adult carers across Scotland, and their supporters, are truly our strongest campaigning asset. With your help, we can make a very positive impact to the lives and experiences of student carers in Scotland. 

Our Supporters' Campaign Guide provides detailed and background information about the campaign and ideas for supporters to promote and support Going Higher in Scotland.

The Going Higher for Student Carers: Recognition Award

The Going Higher for Student Carers: Recognition Award aims to make it easier for higher education institutions in Scotland to support student carers and reward good practice. 

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