We would like to thank all the trusts and foundations who support Carers Trust.

Young man and older woman

Your grants and gifts play a key role in supporting our core work, giving us the flexibility to direct funding where it’s needed the most. They also help us to develop and test innovative solutions to address key issues faced by carers.

How trusts and foundations can support carers

Trusts and foundations support carers through a range of projects at Carers Trust such as our Planning for Tomorrow and Young Carers in Schools Ambassadors programmes.

Planning for Tomorrow

This project aims to help older carers who are entering a new phase in their caring journey, usually because they are no longer able to care or because the person they have been caring for has died. We are piloting and evaluating a range of activities aimed at improving carers' ability to deal with practicalities linked to this new stage in their lives.

Young Carers in Schools Ambassadors programme

As part of our successful Young Carers in Schools programme we are working with our network of young carer services to recruit and train parents and young carers to become Young Carers in Schools Ambassadors. Their role will be to work in their local communities to raise greater awareness of young carers and the need to support them in schools.

Our promise to our funders

We value all the grants we receive from our funders. In return, we promise to always be open, honest and accountable to you. 

We will provide timely updates and case studies to report on the impact of your funding and promptly respond to any queries you may have.  We can also arrange for you and trustees to meet with our key staff and visit the projects you are funding. 

Find out more

Email: fundraising@carers.org    Call: 0300 772 9600