We rely on support from charitable trusts and foundations to contribute towards the costs of running our key programmes and developing innovative projects to support unpaid carers. Our specialist Trust, Statutory and Lottery team are here to work with funders to ensure that with their donations, Carers Trust can achieve the best outcome for carers.

Please look at our Caring for donors promise if you want to know where your donations are spent.

How charitable trusts help us

We receive a mix of core and specific grants from charitable trusts and foundations. Core donations help us to direct funding where it is needed the most while restricted grants often help us to test and deliver key specific initiatives.

Explore some of the ways that trusts and foundations have supported us:

The Queen's Trust: Young Carers in Schools

Jill Franklin Trust: Carers Take Time Out Fund

Charitable partnerships

We also work with national organisations who support us with large donations, which are essential to our ability to create positive change and reach out to more unpaid carers. Read about our partnership with the National Garden Scheme.

Meet the Trusts, Statutory and Lottery Team

Lydie Saint-Marc, Deputy Director of Fundraising

Ellis Tsang, Senior Fundraising Executive

Mike Rushmore, Senior Fundraising Executive

Find out more

Email: fundraising@carers.org    Call: 0300 772 9600