There are at least 370,000 carers in Wales. That’s more than the population of Cardiff.

Carers Trust Wales exists to improve support, services and recognition for carers in Wales. With our Network Partners - local services that deliver support to carers - we work to ensure that information, advice and practical support is available to carers across the country.

The amount of care provided by unpaid carers saves the Welsh economy £8.1bn every year.

Carers Trust Wales works to influence Welsh Government, media and the general public to promote, protect and recognise the contribution carers make, and the support they deserve.

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If you have any questions about being a carer or you're able to share any experiences you have received as a carer please get in touch. All the information we receive will be used to help us build up the most accurate picture possible of life for carers in Wales. All contact we receive will remain confidential.

Floor 3, 33-35 Cathedral Road, Cardiff CF11 9HB

Tel: 02920 090087


Meet the team

Simon Hatch

Director of Wales for Carers Trust
Gill Winter

Gill Winter

Network Liaison and Development Manager (Wales)

Kieron Rees

Policy and Public Affairs Manager (Wales)

Sophie Douglas

Communications and Campaigns Officer (Wales)

Cath Bowen

Network Liaison and Development Manager (Wales)

Helyn Salt

Executive Assistant (Wales)

Nerys Sales

Fundraising Manager (Wales)

Andi Lyden

Regional Business and External Affairs Manager (Wales)
Elizabeth Taylor, Education Officer (Wales)

Elizabeth Taylor

Education Officer (Wales)