Payroll giving

Payroll giving is a quick and tax-free way for your staff to make a regular donation to Carers Trust and help us support unpaid carers.

It allows you to donate straight from your salary before tax is deducted. If you decide to give £5 a month, it will only cost you £4 if you pay tax at the basic rate. 

Companies can also make these donations go further by offering to match-fund their employees’ donations.

To set up a regular gift through your wages

  • You could contact your payroll department at work.
  • Get to grips with the ins and outs of payroll giving with these frequently asked questions.

How does Payroll Giving work?

You decide how much you would like to donate from your monthly salary, your donation is taken from your pay on the same day each month, and we also receive the tax on your donation without you incurring any additional cost.

It's very easy. Email us at and we will make sure that your company operates a scheme that allows you to give to us straight from your pay and we will notify your Payroll Department that you would like to set up a regular donation to us in this way. If your company doesn’t operate a payroll giving scheme, we will let you know.

Is there a minimum donation?

No, there is no lower or upper limit.   

When will my first donation be deducted?

Your first Payroll Giving Donation will be made on your next payday. If you are signing up towards the end of the month – after your employer’s payroll has been processed – your first contribution will be made on the following pay day.

How is Payroll Giving different to donating via Direct Debits?

Payroll Giving is taken straight from your gross (pre-tax) pay so there is no need for us to claim any tax back through Gift Aid, which saves us additional admin costs. If you are a 40% or 45% taxpayer, Payroll Giving is the only way we can automatically receive all your tax on a donation.

Can I stop giving when I want?

Yes. All you have to do is contact your payroll department and cancel the donation.

What happens to my Payroll Giving if I leave my job?

Your giving stops as soon as you leave your current job. To start giving again, you need to contact your new payroll department.

Is there an administration fee?

There is a small fee, as your employer will use a payroll giving agency to operate the programme. The fee is normally around 2–4% of your donation, and will be deducted before the donation is passed on to us. 

How do I know if you have received my donation?

Your donation is very important to us, and to those whose lives it impacts. As soon as we are notified of your pledge, we will write to thank you. We may also send you updates about our work, if you have given us permission to do so.

Where can I get more information?

If you can’t find what you're looking for in the frequently asked questions above, or want to talk through your options, please contact the Corporate Partnerships Team on 0300 772 9600 or email

Pennies from Heaven

Employees at The Rank Group Plc (owners of Mecca Bingo and Grosvenor Casino) have signed up to donate through the Pennies from Heaven initiative. The Rank Group was one of 13 companies to receive the Pennies from Heaven Gold Award.

"Pennies from Heaven is such an easy way to donate without you  even noticing! Carers more than deserve to be looked after and it is wonderful to know that our pennies can contribute in making a huge difference to a number of lives. Carers devote their lives  to others and we can help by just donating our pennies, it’s simple really. It’s more than just a lucky penny to some, it can be life changing.”

AJ Foronda, The Rank Group

Employees sign up once and from then on their salary is rounded down to the nearest £1 each month with the extra pennies donated to charity. Anyone can sign up to this scheme, email our Fundraising team at to find out more.

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