Gift in kind

As well as cash donations, we always grateful to receive gifts in kind:

Some examples include:

  • Providing complimentary holidays or respite breaks to carers and their families.
  • Donating auction gifts for our events, including our Annual Christmas Carol Concert
  • Offering free home delivery of products to carers who can't get out very often or easily.

Carers and their family benefit from a break with IDILIQ Group (formerly CLC Word Resorts & Hotels)

IDILIQ Group, formerly CLC World Resorts & Hotels has a charitable initiative – CLC World Charity Holidays they donate accommodation to those who need it most. They have provided space at one of their resorts to provide unpaid carers with some well-deserved respite.

Carers registered with Carers Trust Network Partner Carers Support Centre Bristol and South Gloucestershire enjoyed a wonderful weekend at CLC Hustyns in Cornwall. The guests had full use of the 100-acre Hustyns site and all the amenities that can be found on the resort including the sauna, steam room, a fully-equipped gym, swimming pool… and even a crazy golf course!

Susan, who is a carer, and her family enjoyed the chance to spend some quality time together:

"Really enjoyed it, we also really needed it. The resort was better than we were expecting, very nice, calm and not too busy. It was a beautiful area . . . At home we have care [support workers] in a lot of the time so we never really get to relax or switch off."

Thank you to IDILIQ Group (formerly CLC World) for its generous donation which helped carers to access a break to enable them to cope better with the challenges of caring.

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