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With one in eight employees providing care for a relative or friend who couldn’t manage without their help, it’s highly likely that you have carers working in your organisation. And if they’re not a carer, they probably know someone who is.

By working with Carers Trust you’ll also have a better understanding of the needs of your employees and customers with caring responsibilities.

Why should you care about carers?

Recognising that there are carers in your workforce, and supporting them to manage their caring responsibilities and work can:

  • Reduce their stress and improve their job performance and job satisfaction.
  • Improve commitment to your organisation.
  • Decrease staff turnover.

How you can support carers in your workforce

You may not realise you have carers working for you as they may be reluctant to discuss their personal situation and they may not be aware how you can help them in the workplace. 

There are lots of practical ways you can support them including:

  • Get to know your duties as an employer under the Equality Act 2010
  • Make sure carers in your workplace know who they can contact at work about caring issues.
  • Set up a workplace carers group or forum – to allow carers to meet for support, information sharing and to raise the profile of caring in the organisation. 

Other practical ways you can support carers

Supporting Carers Trust

Supporting Carers Trust is a very visible way to demonstrate your commitment to unpaid carers in your company. 

As well as making a difference for carers across the UK, it’s also a great way of raising the profile of caring among your employees and getting a conversation going about the support carers in your workplace can access. 

Carers Trust local care services help provide this support

Forging links with local services for carers and being able to signpost your employees to this valuable support will in turn help them to balance caring and work. 

Find out more about how to involve your company and how we can support you. 

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