Resources for College and University Staff (Supporting Student Carers)

On this page you will find materials for colleges and universities which will support you on your journey to the Going Further and Going Higher Award. These materials include downloadable resources that you can use within your university or college, and guidance documents that support you to fulfil the requirements of the Going Higher and Going Further Awards.

University Staff Resources:

Carers Trust Scotland has teamed up with Open University Scotland along student carers, and practitioners from University of Stirling, Heriot-Watt University and Glasgow Caledonian University to use funding from Scottish Funding Council to create a free online learning course for university staff.  This will enable staff across Scotland’s universities to identify, support and report students who have unpaid caring responsibilities.

Carer Aware at University is a free online module available to all staff working in Scotland’s universities who have an Open University Open Learn account. The course will provide opportunities to reflect on the challenge’s students with unpaid caring responsibilities face, the impact on their education, and the important role you can have in supporting them at university.

We have created free downloadable posters for university staff to use across their campuses to raise student carer identification and to increase awareness of the support available to their existing and prospective student carers at university: 

Student Carer Services poster for universities

Student Care Services poster for universities (add your university logo)

College Staff Resources:

Carers Trust Scotland and College Development Network (CDN) have joined forces to help improve support to over 15,000 student carers in Scotland, who are studying at college alongside providing unpaid care for a family member or friend who is ill, frail, disabled or has mental health or addiction problems.

Supporting Student Carers at College is a new innovative free digital training module for all college staff across Scotland.  It has been developed by Carers Trust Scotland and CDN from funding received by The Scottish Funding Council. The module will help college practitioners to better understand the challenges faced by many student carers, and it provides guidance on how to improve support for these students at college.

This new resource compliments existing work being undertaken by both organisations to raise awareness, improve identification and ensure adequate support is in place to give student carers a fair chance to be successful in their own education. Last year Carers Trust Scotland launched Going Further for Student Carers Recognition Award, a scheme to assist and encourage all 27 of Scotland’s colleges to develop their policies and practices to improve support for student carers, and award good practice.

We also have also created free downloadable posters for college staff to use across campus to raise student carer identification and to increase awareness of the support available to your student carers at college:

Student Carer Services poster for colleges

Student Carer Services poster for colleges (add your own college logo)

CDN has also produced the following two resources for colleges below:

Enabling Student Carers Guidance

This resource is a professional development tool for staff in colleges involved in guidance activities, including interviewing. It includes notes for trainers and a video case study drawn from the testimony of an adult student carer. 

Moving On

This short course is aimed at student carers and enables them to identify and use skills they have developed when applying for jobs and attending interviews, as well as introducing them to their rights at work. You can request a copy of this Moodle course.


Resources for College and University Staff:

Over the course of our delivery of the Going Higher/Further Recognition for Student Carer Awards we have devised a suite of free downloadable resources that support colleges and universities across Scotland to have the capacity to identify, support and report on their student carers: 


If you would like to talk to anyone about any of our resources for colleges and universities, please contact Carers Trust Scotland on 0300772771 or for more details.