Going Higher for Student Carers: Recognition Award

The Going Higher for Student Carers: Recognition Award aims to make it easier for Scotland’s 19 universities, to identify, support and report on student carers, and recognise good practice.

Introduced in April 2017, this award incentives and encourages universities to adopt a sustainable and a whole institution approach.  

To achieve the award universities will need to demonstrate that:

  • Student carers are being proactively identified from matriculation to graduation, and awareness is being raised throughout the university all year round.
  • Student carers are being supported to give them a fair chance to be successful in their studies and maintain positive health and wellbeing.
  • Student carer progressions are showcased, and evaluation tools are used to celebrate achievements and make improvements so that appropriate support is delivered.

Key features of the Going Higher Award:

  • No cost to apply and complete.
  • Direct support from Carers Trust Scotland.
  • Clear guidance to develop student carer support.
  • Raising awareness of students with an unpaid caring role.
  • Encourages partnerships.
  • Recognises and celebrates good practice.

By coming on this journey with us universities will send a positive message to student carers that they are recognised, supported and will be given a fair chance to be successful. You can start this journey today by downloading our guidance on how to create a:

Student Carer Support Policy

Statement of Intent

Student Carer Action Plan

Doing so will make it clear to other institutions and the wider student body that inclusivity and fairness is at the heart of your university.  

"We need to be more proactive from matriculation to graduation through student carer support developments. Carers Trust Scotland’s Going Higher for Student Carers campaign initiative will not only make a positive difference in my own life, but will positively impact the opportunities and support available for all student carers.”

Student Carer – North Lanarkshire

Download the Going Higher for Student Carers Recognition Award

Download the Going Higher for Student Carers Recognition Award Checklist

Carers Trust Scotland is grateful to the European Commission through the Erasmus+ programme and the Scottish Funding Council for their generous support, which has made the 1st edition and revised edition of this toolkit possible.  


Universities that have achieved the Going Higher Award