The Care Act (2014)

The Care Act 2014 came into force in April 2015, with some elements coming into force in April 2016.

It put in place significant new rights for carers in England including:

  • A focus on promoting wellbeing.
  • A duty on local councils to prevent, reduce and delay need for support, including the needs of carers.
  • A right to a carer’s assessment based on the appearance of need.
  • A right for carers’ eligible needs to be met.
  • A duty on local councils to provide information and advice to carers in relation to their caring role and their own needs.
  • A duty on NHS bodies (NHS England, clinical commissioning groups, NHS trusts and NHS foundation trusts) to co-operate with local authorities in delivering the Care Act functions.

Taken together, these new rights should have a significant impact on carers and the support available for carers. However, this is dependent on local councils putting these rights in place.

Further information about the Act, and a useful series of factsheets, are available from the Department of Health and Social Care.