Comedian Jo Brand joined us at our Carers Trust Christmas carol concert on 5 December 2017 where she read this poem.

Carbs at Christmas – a Christmas poem by Jo Brand

As you’re sitting down this Christmas … the turkey to dismember
There’s a group that has been up for hours, that you should all remember.
Getting their mum in the bath, or running to the shop for dad
Or preparing their bed bound child, for the best Christmas they’ve ever had.

Whether you believe … if you’re atheist or agnostic
Remember this word CARBS should be the carers’ acrostic

C–Carers just get on with it.

A–Always there with very little thanks

R–Rarely big themselves up

B–But we couldn’t do without them

S–Saints I tell you, they are saints!

Humanity can be a nasty mob … odious, bullying and cruel …
That’s not a firm of solicitors … It’s a fact of our gene pool.
So let’s leave the baddies in the tabloids … and celebrate the carers
The uncomplaining sloggers, the flowery apron wearers, 
The kids who bypass childhood to take on adult roles,
The weary mums and dads who don’t have many LOLs.

Carers save the government absolutely loads of money
And for some reason I can’t fathom, I’m rhyming that with bunny.
On eternal zero hours contracts as far as wages are concerned
It’s admiration, respect and love that they have always earned
~ so raise a glass at Christmas put your hand deep in your purse
This is really heartfelt, (if slightly crappy) verse.
Let’s all sing their praises and answer to the call,
To paraphrase Tiny Tim … ’God Bless them one and all!’