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Campaigning is an important and powerful way of influencing change for the millions of unpaid carers.

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We know that our campaigns can make a difference. Below are two examples of successful Carers Trust campaigns.


In the run-up to the General Election in 2017 Carers Trust supporters contacted their local candidates asking them to #ThinkCarer2017 and take a pledge to support carers if they were elected. In just two weeks, 411 candidates took the pledge.

It goes to show that politicians are starting to recognise the important and valuable role carers play in our society. We need to keep reminding politicians of this and ensure they all keep their commitment to make the changes we need for carers.

UCAS tick box campaign

Carers Trust and thousands of supporters got behind a campaign to give student carers the option to identify themselves on their university application form.

In just six weeks, 2,500 people signed the petition asking for a tick box which would prompt young adult carers to identify themselves while applying for university.

Faced with this petition, UCAS (who are in charge of university admissions in the UK) said from 2018 that its application forms will now contain a specific question to allow carers applying for university to identify themselves.

This is a small change that will make a big difference to the thousands of young adult carers attending university. It would not have been possible without this campaign.

Campaign update

This question was added to application forms for postgraduate courses in June 2018, and will be available to applicants to undergraduate courses starting in 2021 within a new application system launching in 2020. Carers Trust remains in contact with UCAS to ensure progress and implementation of the new question.

Campaigning in the UK's four nations

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