Update: This campaign has finished. Thank you for your support! 

Following our campaign the Department for Education changed the age 16-19 Bursary Guidance to prompt colleges to think about young carers when setting the criteria for the discretionary part of the 16-19 bursary.

Read the Bursary Fund guide for 2016-2017 on discretionary bursaries guidance

About the Better Bursary campaign

Not all young adult carers are able to access the right bursary for them to get them through 16-19 education. Carers Trust thinks this is wrong – young adult carers have lots of challenges when in education so bursaries are really important to them.

In particular, young adult carers should have access to the discretionary bursary.

The discretionary bursary is some extra money that certain students can apply for from their college or sixth form. Sometimes this money can be given directly to students and other times it can be given ‘in kind'. This is when the money is used to pay for books or trips instead of being given to the student themselves.

Research has shown that young adult carers are struggling in further education because of their caring role.

  • Despite most young adult carers enjoying college or university, over half of them (56%) were experiencing difficulties because of their caring role.
  • Young adult carers are likely to have jobs whilst in education alongside their caring role. This means that they are juggling employment, education and caring.
  • Young adult carers believe that there is ‘no point’ in telling staff about their caring responsibilities because they do not see any impact.