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If you are already working, looking for work or wanting to learn some new skills get in touch with your local carer service to see how they can help you.  They may have specialist workers who can advise you of your options.

  • Working carers - Many employers offer support for carers at work.  You may also want to ask for flexible working

  • Finding work  - Your skills as a carer could help you find a job

  • Studying and volunteering - If you are ready for a new challenge think about studying or volunteering

  • Benefits - There are many benefits you can still claim even if you are working. If you start work, or your caring situation changes, remember to check you are claiming the right benefits.

Do you fit caring for a parent in around working or studying?  

Have you found the changes in your relationship with your parent hard to cope with? 

Your parent may find it hard to accept help, and worry about being a burden to you. Or you may feel exhausted as they may expect far too much from you.

Caring for a parent can also affect how you get on with your partner or your siblings. Perhaps you always end up carings your siblings live further away, or they simply don't realise how much caring for your parent affects you. 

Our relationships guide covers a lot more than than just how to get on better with your partner. Have a look at the section about caring for a parent – it is has lots of evidence based support to help you cope.

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