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Get in touch with your local council if you want a carer’s assessment. The rules about who can have a carer’s assessment vary depending on where you live.

If you live in England or Wales

If you live in England or Wales your local council should offer you a carer’s assessment if you appear to need support. This should happen even if you don’t ask for one. However, if you think you should have had a carer’s assessment, but you haven’t been offered one, contact your local council to find out what support you qualify for. 

Find out more about carers’assessments in England on NHS Choices 

Find out more about how care and support in Wales is changing on the Welsh Government website.

If you live in Scotland

If you live in Scotland, the laws covering carers’ assessments are different. You may be offered a carers’ assessment or an Adult Carer Support Plan. The best way to find out what happens in your local area is to get in touch with your local carer service.

If you live in Northern Ireland 

If you live in Northern Ireland find out more about Assessments for carers on nidirect.

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