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The person you care for may want to register with the Vulnerability Registration Service so that organisations that check the register, such as financial services, will know that they are vulnerable when they deal with them.

How the Vulnerability Registration Service works

Once someone’s details are registered, the Vulnerability Registration Service will make organisations that take the registration into account are aware that the person is vulnerable and needs to be treated in an appropriate manner and with the right level of sensitivity. The service is available across the UK.

The service is just being introduced and so the number of organisations that take the registration into account will increase as they will need to introduce vulnerability checks to meet regulatory requirements from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). This is likely to include more retail companies, utility companies, service providers using the service as part of their checks .  

How to apply

The person you care for does not need to provide lots of detail about themselves, just their name, address and date of birth.  The organisation that is made aware of the registration will then take the necessary steps to make sure things are handled correctly.

It may be that you feel the person you care for should not be contacted in relation to new products or services or be sent offers.  In that case, you may be able to register them to prevent that happening.  If somebody has dementia, for example, it may be sensible to stop organisations asking them to apply for loans or from sending them marketing material.

As a carer you can’t register for the person you care for unless you have a formal agreement, usually a power of attorney. The Vulnerable Registration Service website will ask for evidence of this and sight of the appropriate document. Get in touch for more advice if you are not sure what counts as a formal agreement.

In some cases, circumstances may change over time so the person no longer needs to be registered.  In that situation it is easy to take the person off the register.

For further information visit Vulnerability Registration Service or contact them on or call: 024 7767 2996.

A bit about data protection

The Vulnerable Registration Service website guides you through the consent that is needed to register or if you are registering someone else because you have a power of attorney for them. The Vulnerable Registration Service has been discussed with the Information Commissioner’s Office and it is entirely based on the consent you give. This will be checked regularly so it will meet with the General Data Protection Law.

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