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Travelling with medical equipment

Always try to keep the equipment that you take with you on holiday to a minimum. Take only what is essential.   You may be able to hire equipment when to get there.

You can’t prepare for everything that might happen but if you have an emergency when you get there you should be able to get help locally. 

If you are worried you could look up the names of disability organisations near where you are going.  You could get in touch with them before you go or just make sure you have their contact details with you. 

If you use electrical equipment, such as a ventilator, check the voltage supply in the country you are visiting and carry a supply of spare batteries.

Travelling with medicine

Don’t put all your medicines in one bag. Instead make sure you have enough medicine in each bag in case some of it goes missing. Make sure you also pack enough in case you are delayed.

It is a good idea to have a letter from your GP saying which medicines you need with you. 

Some countries may different rules about which prescribed medications you are allowed to carry so make sure you check before you travel. You may need to get a permit to let you travel. Find out more about travelling with controlled drugs on

Also have a look at can I take my medicine abroad? on NHS Choices for more advice about traveling with medication.

If you are flying

Carry medicines in your hand luggage and put any spares in your suitcase. 

Airlines usually let you carry medicine and medical equipment in the cabin for free and in addition to the normal cabin baggage allowance.

Again, carry a letter from your GP which lists everything you need to take.  

Check with your airline to see if there is anything else they recommend.

European Health Insurance card

Make sure you, and the person you care for, both get a European Health Insurance card if you are going to a European Union member country. This means you will be able to get healthcare easily if needed.  Apply online for your European Health Insurance card

Also make sure you buy travel insurances as the European Health Insurance card doesn’t cover everything.

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