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It is important that you take care of your own health, even if you are busy looking after someone else's health. 

Being healthy is not only important for you, but it also helps the person you care after too.

You may want to:

  • Find out about getting a break, including respite care. 
  • Check if you, or the person you care for, can claim benefits.  
  • have a carer's assessment so you can discuss your needs with your local council. The assessment is free and your local council will use it to decide what support to give you.
  • Contact your local carer services to see how they can help to take care of your own health. Find local care and carer services.
  • Make sure you let your GP know that you are a carer as they will record this on your notes and may be able to offer you extra support. Also see 10 top tips to get the most out of your GP appointment from Healthwatch.
  • Enroll to take the Caring with Confidence online courses.  They can help make a positive difference to your life, and that of the person you care for, by developing skills and knowledge for your caring role.

Find your local carer services to see what support there is in your area for carers. 

Online support for carers

You can get 24-hour support, every day of the year, from our online services for carers. Carers Trust online services are open to all carers, wherever you live in the UK and whatever your age.

  • Support from Babble for young carers under 18
  • Support from Matter for young adult carers aged 16–25
  • Support from Carers Space for carers aged 18 and over