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Talk to the person you care for to make sure they know how to stay safe when using their debit or credit card.



  • Don’t let anyone distract you when you’re using your card in a shop or at a cash machine, even if they appear to be helpful
  • Sign new bank cards as soon as you get them and keep them in a safe place
  • Report any lost or stolen cards immediately 
  • Never write your security or card details down in a way someone else might recognise
  • If anything about the cash machine looks suspicious, don’t use it. Tell a member of staff or the police

Your PIN

  • Always shield your PIN when you’re using your card
  • Don’t use personal details or combinations that are easy to guess when choosing your PIN
  • Never reveal your PIN to anyone, not even the bank or the police
  • Never enter your card PIN into the telephone

Never hand over your card to a courier

  • Never hand your card over to anyone that comes to your door, even if you have had a phone call saying someone is coming and they look genuine.
  • For more information watch this great video from Barclays Bank Plc called the Courier scam (embed

For more information see protecting your cards on Barclays Bank Plc.

Thank you to Barclays Bank Plc for helping us write this page. 

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