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Talk to the person you care for to make sure they know how to stay safe if someone they don’t know calls and asks for personal information. 


  • Don’t trust the number showing on the call caller display – this can be manipulated
  • Call them back on a phone number listed on their website or statements rather than any number they give you.
  • Always check the call is properly disconnected before calling the bank or police to report it – wait 5 minutes or use a different phone
  • Never share your PIN or passwords with anyone who contacts you
  • Never enter your card PIN into a telephone – it won’t keep it secret from the caller
  • Don’t transfer money

Barclays Bank Plc have a great video about not transferring money online:

For more information about see financial scams and how to avoid them on Barclays Bank Plc.

Thank you to Barclays Bank Plc for helping us write this page.

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