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Personal health budgets are not paid directly to carers. However, the person you care for might be able to get one.  

It is money that they can use to support their own health and well-being because they have a long-term health condition.  They decide how the money will be spent and this is planned and agreed with their local NHS team.

You should discuss with them the types of things it would be helpful to spend it on.  

Personal health budgets are only being introduced in England by the NHS. Find out more about personal health budgets on NHS Choices.

Who can get a personal health budget?

If you care for an adult who gets NHS continuing healthcare, or a child who gets continuing care, they may be able to get a personal health budget. Find out more about

Personal assistants

Personal health budgets can be used to help the person you care for employ a personal assistant. A personal assistant is a paid care worker (or support worker) that is employed by the person they care for, rather than by a care agency or the local council. The person you care for then can decide what sort of support they want, by whom, and when.

NHS England have some videos which explain about using a personal budget to employ a personal assistant. Watch Manish's story below;

Find out more about personal assistants in our buying care guide.

Is it different from a personal budget?

The person you care for may already have a personal budget to manage and pay for social care.  A personal health budget is very similar, but it is to support health and well-being rather than for social care.

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