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A personal budget allows you to arrange your own care and support, rather than the local council arranging services for you. 

Personal budgets for carers

You may be able to get a personal budget as a carer if your carer’s assessment says you need help with caring from your local council. 

You can’t use the money to buy services for the person you care for (they would need to buy those out of their own personal budget). 

You can apply if you already get support from your local council (after your carer’s assessment). Next time you review your support plan ask to talk about personal budgets. 

If you don’t currently get any help from your local council get in touch with them to arrange a carer’s assessment

Personal budgets for the person you care for

The person you care for may be able to get a personal budget to pay for services that the local council would normally provide.

They need to be assessed by their local council to decide if they qualify for help and if they need to contribute to the cost of this. Get in touch with their local council to find out more.

They can use the money for anything that is agreed in their support plan.  This could include help with personal care, with housework, with meals, or getting out and about. They may also buy help from an agency/care worker or employ their own personal assistant.

Personal budgets are available if you are over 18.  If you are under 18 ask if you can have a personal budget as they may be available where you live.   

How is the money paid?

  1. You can have your personal budget paid directly into a bank account for you – this is called a direct payment
  2. Your local council can still keep the budget but you decide how it is spent.
  3. A care provider can manage the money for you.
  4. A combination of the above.

The thought of having to sort out all your own money to pay for social care can seem daunting but your local council will be able to help you decide what suits you best.  

You should also check if there are voluntary organisations near you that can help.

Young person's guide to personal budgets in England

This guide is for young people with a life-limiting or life-threatening condition who might be considering a personal budget. The guide explains what a personal budget is, the different ways they may be funded and managed and how they can be used.  You can download the young person's guide to personal budgets in England on Together for Short Lives.

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