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Some carers can claim Carer's Allowance but there are many other benefits and credits that you may be able to get.

There are benefits just for carers, some for people with a disability, and some to help you if you have a low income. Remember, you can still claim some benefits if you work, have savings or own your own home.

You may also be able to claim benefits if you are looking for work or you can’t work because you are ill or disabled. See other working age benefits.

Do you argue about money?

You may find that the extra costs associated with caring are causing you money worries and this may put a strain on your relationships with your partner, family and friends. If you’ve never dealt with financial struggles, or argued about money before, this may be new territory for you.

Have a look at our new guide specially for carers.  It include loads of information about how to maintain healthy relationships and top tips about how to do this. 

Find out more about relationships with your partner, family and friends.

Bereavement benefits

You may be able to get extra money if your partner has died. See benefits when someone dies.