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Find out ways to make better use of all the features your tablet has to offer.

Tablet computers (Android, Apple or Windows) are great tools, easy to hold and with good battery life.  Plus there’s lots of online help available so you can get the most from them.

If you’re not sure about tapping, pinching, and all the other ways to control things on the touchscreen, start with touchscreen basics on Learnmyway

You’ll quickly want to move on and Android basics from is a good next step. There’s also an iPad version

You’ll have heard lots of talk about ‘apps’, and the BBC have a good video explaining what is an app?  If you prefer written guides, Digital Unite has some excellent tablet guides - check out the ones for smartphones too as tablets work in the same way.

Many libraries and UK online centres run sessions where you can drop in with your own devices. They have a few more experienced people there to help you get going and everyone can share their favourite apps and tips for how they use their device. Find your nearest UK online centre - the search function includes libraries too.

Many local Age UKs offer training for older people to make sure they dn't miss out. Search Age UK for computer training courses near you.

Finally, talk to friends and family about the things they do on their phones and tablet computers. You'll probably find that you do similar things to family and friends so the apps they find useful, and their tips for how to use them, will save you a lot of time. 

This page is based on an Adult Education event with Kevin, from the Learn My Way team at Tinder Foundation. You can download the full chat in the archive of past Q&A events on Carers Space.

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