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A solicitor will be able to help you prepare your will and make sure it is valid.

If you prepare a will but it is not signed, dated or witnessed correctly it will be invalid and everything will pass under the Rules of Intestacy (see what happens if I don't have a will?)

Solicitors will make the preparation of your will as easy and stress free as possible. They will be able to help you in the way that suits you best. This could be:

  • by phone,
  • by email,
  • online,
  • face to face, or
  • at your home. 

Many solicitors work on a fixed fee basis which means there will be no surprises at the end. Once the work is agreed they will tell you their fees up front and this will not change no matter how many telephone calls or meetings you have with them.

There are also professional will writing services (see the Institute of Professional Willwriters) and DIY and online forms. 

Thanks to Laura Ikin at NewLaw Solicitors for writing this page for us.

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