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How you pay for respite depends on the type of respite you need and your personal circumstances.

Get in touch with your local carer service or your local council for advice about paying for respite.
Carers Trust has some grants for carers who need respite. You can apply through your local Carers Trust service. They can explain everything you need to know about who qualifies and help you apply. They may also be able to let you know about other ways to pay for respite.
Ask your local council for a carer’s assessment which can consider respite care. If you get a personal budget (England), direct payment (Wales and Northern Ireland) or self-directed support (Scotland) as a result of your carer’s assessment you may be able to use this to pay for respite care. Your local council will also be able to assess the person you care for. 
Rules about paying for respite care for children are different. Get in touch with Contact a Family for more information.
See our buying in care guide if you want to buy respite care at home.
There is more information on paying for carers' breaks and respite care on NHS Choices.
The Respite Association may also be able to help as it provides funding towards the cost of respite breaks.