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Getting to grips with a new language isn’t easy but there is help available.

This isn’t the same as finding an English class, you will need a class for ‘English for Speakers of Other Languages’ which you might see written as ESOL. The National Careers Service can help you find an ESOL course, phone 0800 100 900 and tell their advisor which language you speak they will get a translator to talk you through finding a course.

English My Way 

English My Way have is available from Tinder Foundation, the BBC and British Council. There’s a list of centres using English My Way and these are a great first place to start as they’re really welcoming.

If there isn’t a centre using English My Way near you, contact your local college as these are very likely to have classes.

Online options

If making the time to go along to a class is difficult then there are online options. The BBC have a Learning English section and the British Council have an ESOL section

This page is based on an Adult Education event with Kevin, from the Learn My Way team at Tinder Foundation. You can download the full chat in the archive of past Q&A events on Carers Space.

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