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Find support to keep you, and the person you care for, healthy.

Also see Live Well on NHS Choices for help with your diet, stopping smoking, getting enough exercise, and coping with stress. 

Coping with the festive season

As a carer you may experience extra stress and conflict at this time of year. Perhaps you have to spend more time protecting the person you care for from the cold or bad weather, or you might worry about how they will cope with a change in routine. Your health can also be affected by indulging in too much food or alcohol, the stress of spending time with family, and worries about paying for presents and extra household expenses. 

Top tip: Be practical. Plan ahead. Make sure you know what support will be available and when. This could be finding out when your local carer group is next meeting, or knowing that your milkman won’t be delivering for a couple of days. Also check that you know the emergency phone numbers for any services that you rely on. 

Have a look at coping with the stresses of caring. This is part of our relationship guide for carers.

More information about conditions

You can find out more about specific conditions including alcohol, drugs and addiction, dementia and Alzheimer’s, learning disabilities and mental health.

There may also be other organisations that specialise in the health condition the person you are care for has. Many of these organisations also have helplines and online forums.