Date Revised:

Carers Trust currently has a grant fund open for individual adult carers, aged 16+.

Carers can apply for grants of up to £400 for items or activities that will benefit them in their caring role, for example for

  • Breaks for carers, with or without the person they care for.
  • Items for the home including cookers, fridges, beds andwashing machines.
  • Driving lessons and other travel costs relating to caring roles.
  • Courses and materials to develop carers' skills and personal development.
  • Home repairs.
  • Short-term or time limited replacement care.

To apply contact your local carer services so they can advise you. They will have to complete a supporting statement for you on the application form. 

If there is no carer service near you, or there are a limited number of grants, there are also grants available from other organisations. See benevolent funds and charities that support carers.

Annual review of Carers Trust grant making 2015/16

You can find out more about how Carers Trust has allocated over £7.5 million to support carers across the UK in our annual review of Carers Trust grant making.  

From an older male carer who now has friends who also understand what it is like to care for a partner, to the young carer who feels able to attend Brownies without worrying about how her mum is doing, to the carers who have been able to identify as a carer without fear, we have made direct, real and measurable impact on thousands of carers' lives across the UK. 

​Next update due: August 2017​