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If you are a carer and find it difficult to balance your work life with your caring responsibilities (and your other commitments) you may want to ask for flexible working.

Flexible working could mean:

  • Flexible starting and finishing hours.
  • Compressed working hours (where you work full-time hours but over fewer days).
  • Term-time working.
  • Job share.
  • Part time working.
  • Working from home.

Who can ask for flexible working?

To check if you can apply visit Flexible working - what is it? on Citizen’s Advice.

The rules about who can ask for flexible working are different in Northern Ireland. Find about flexible working in Northern Ireland on nidirect. 

How to ask for flexible working

If you want to ask for flexible working check your employment contract and talk to your HR team/officer about what options are available where you work. You should also visit Flexible working - planning what changes to ask for on Citizen’s Advice.

To request flexible working you need to email or write a letter to your employer. Visit applying for flexible working on for further advice about what to include in your letter. There is also a form on there that you can use if your employer agrees. 

What happens to your application?

For more information visit after the application on

Further information about flexible working

The ACAS website has help and advice for both employers and employees about the right to request flexible working. It also has a great video called the right to request flexible working arrangements:

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