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Be wary of emails and texts that appear to be from your bank if they ask for security information, to call a number or to follow a link.   

If the email or text is a scam the phone number they ask you to call may be a premium rate number that goes directly through to them. If they ask you to follow a link then this will not go to your bank’s website but to a fraud website that may still look very similar.

Watch Barclays Bank Plc’s phishing scams video for more information about staying safe online:  


  • Never share personal or security information on a website you’ve reached via a link in an email or text. Genuine emails and text from your bank will not include a link that takes you straight to the Online Banking log-in page 
  • Never email or text you asking you to verify your account or security details
  • Never email, text your card details, PINs or passwords

Find out more about email and text scams on financial scams and how to avoid them on Barclays Bank Plc. 

Thank you to Barclays Bank Plc for helping us write this page.

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