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You can choose who you want to receive your money, belongings and property in your will. You cannot be forced to include someone you do not wish to. 

However, the law sets out certain categories of people who may be able to apply to the Court to make a claim if they feel they should not have been excluded or if you did not provide sufficiently for them.  This category includes such people as your spouse, ex-spouse, children and anyone who was dependant on you. 

You cannot completely avoid this from happening, but it is important to explain why you have decided to prepare the will in a certain way as this will be considered by the Court if a claim is brought. It is important you are as open and honest with your solicitor and tell them of any unusual family circumstances so that they can give you the best advice possible. 

Thanks to Laura Ikin at NewLaw Solicitors for writing this page for us.

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