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Collecting medicines for the person you care for

You should be able to collect most medicines from the pharmacy just by giving the name and address of the person you care for, but you may need proof of ID for some medicines. If you are under 18, the pharmacist may query this so explain that you care for someone. It may make it easier if the person you are caring for contacts the pharmacy to let them know you are collecting their medicines for them.

If the person you care for has a minor illness and asks you to buy a medicine from the pharmacy, always check with one of the pharmacy team if it is safe for them to take that medicine with the other medicines they currently take. It can help if you take a list or a copy of their repeat slip.

For more information see A Carers Guide to Managing Medicines booklet on handling and giving medication.

Free repeat prescription service

Some pharmacies offer a free repeat prescription service to make sure medication is ready when you need it.  

You, or the person you care for, may want to sign up for this service with your local pharmacy. They will talk to you about what medication you need, and when, and will automatically order your prescriptions for you. They will get in touch with your GP so they know the pharmacy will be ordering and collecting your prescriptions. This way you will only need to go to the pharmacy to pick your medication up.  

Alternatively, your GP may organise this through a repeat dispensing scheme. In a similar way the pharmacy can help manage your repeat medication so you don’t have to go the GP surgery every month.

NHS Electronic Prescription Service (England only)

The NHS electronic prescription service allows your GP to send your prescription electronically to your local pharmacy each time you visit your GP. This includes repeat medication you might order over the phone or online.

You, or the person you care for, will need to sign up with your pharmacy or tell your GP which pharmacy you want to use. You can change this at any time.

This is only available in England.

Ask your pharmacy if they offer this. You should also check that your GP has signed up.  

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