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There are ways to ensure your pension is protected if you are a carer. These include NI credits or Carer's Credit. 

If you have had to give up employment so you can care for  someone this can cause gaps in your pension record. As a result, you may struggle to make ends meet when you reach retirement age. This means that if you're a carer, protecting your pensions can be an important issue.

To receive a state retirement pension, you must have:

  • Paid enough NI contributions. 
  • Been credited with enough NI contributions, or  
  • A combination of the two. 

NI credits or Carer's Credit help people who are unable to work or have cut down their working hours as a result of caring. If you are not entitled to Carer's Allowance, you may be able to claim Carer's Credit instead.

Find out more about Carer's Credit, National Insurance and pensions on NHS Choices.

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