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As a carer you may need to move and lift the person you care for and this can place a lot of strain on your back.  

If you hurt your back it can be very difficult to stop doing the movement that is hurting it and rest. There are several ways you can help look after your back.

Carer’s assessment

Make sure your local council gives you a carer’s assessment. This looks at what your caring role involves (including lifting, handling and moving) and will look at how best to help you do this. You may be able to get training, advice and suitable equipment.

If you already have back pain

If you are worried about your back talk to your GP.  Let them know that you are a carer and what lifting and moving you have to do.

You can also get support online. Bupa have advice about how to manage your back pain

Preventing back pain

It is better for you, and the person you care for, if you learn how to care for your back.  

York Carers Centre have created a short film called moving and handling at home - a carers' guide to what not to do.

You can also find a lot of other information and help online: 

You could also get in touch with your local carer services as they may be able to offer you support.  For example, they may run training to help you learn how to move the person you care for properly or be able to put in touch with other carers in a similar situation.

Stress as a cause of back pain in carers

BackCare have a leaflet about how stress is a major cause of back pain in carers. Download the leaflet below:

Find more about reducing stress.

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