All-party Parliamentary Group for Young Carers and Young Adult Carers

Note: The APPG for Young Carers and Young Adult Carers is currently dissolved ahead of the 2024 General Election. The hope is that the APPG will be reconstituted after the election.

A message from the officers of the APPG for Young Carers and Young Adult Carers - Friday 24th May 2024

Today, we have published the findings from our recent “Deep Dive” into the impact of the Children and Families Act and the Care Act 2014 – ten years on, in relation to young carers and young adult carers.

We have explored the extent to which these two pieces of legislation have improved identification, assessment and most importantly, support for young carers and their families over the past decade. We received evidence from a range of sources, including carer services, local authorities, academics, and most importantly, young carers themselves. This evidence covered topics ranging from identification, to Young Carers Needs Assessments and Transitions Assessments, to whole-family approaches.

This deep dive, along with our landmark inquiry which we published the findings from last November, clearly show how despite ten years of legal rights for young carers, and despite the foundations and signs of progress seen through welcome developments such as the inclusion of young carers on the school census, there is still so much more that needs to be done to improve the identification and support for young carers and young adult carers.

As an APPG, we are united in the view that it is simply not acceptable that thousands of children across the country, some as young as five, are caring for 20 and even 50 hours a week. The fact that the proportion of young carers caring for such high amounts of hours has gone up, not down, since the passing of these pieces of legislation must be a top priority for whomever forms the next Government.

Over the past twelve months, we have benefited from the powerful voices and experiences of hundreds of young carers, young adult carers and services  - both statutory and voluntary, who support them, from all over the country. Their insights have highlighted the urgent need for an all-age cross-Government Carers Strategy, and this is something which we call on the next Government to prioritise.

Parliament will be dissolved on Thursday 30th May 2024 and that will mean this APPG, along with all others will cease to operate. After the election, the APPG will be reconstituted and continue the vital work which we have started.

We would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone who has contributed to our work, be that by attending our meetings as observers, submitting evidence, or supporting young people to participate. We would particularly like to thank every young carer and young adult carer who has shared their experiences and made sure their voices have been heard – it is you who drive the work that we do.

Whilst the APPG may not operate over this election period – you each have the ability to make sure that the voices and needs of young carers, young adult carers and the services who support them are heard by all political parties, and we would strongly urge you to do so. 

Best wishes,

Paul Blomfield MP, Chair of the APPG for Young Carers and Young Adult Carers
Duncan Baker MP, Vice-Chair
Edward Davey MP, Vice-Chair
Lord Young of Cookham, Vice-Chair

About the APPG for Young Carers and Young Adult Carers

The All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Young Carers and Young Adult Carers brings together Parliamentarians from across the political spectrum who are committed to improving the lives of young carers and young adult carers. The group’s mission is to provide a forum for key issues affecting young carers and young adult carers which will be addressed collaboratively by Parliamentarians and other key stakeholders, including young carers and young adult carers.

The APPG holds regular meetings in Parliament with an ambitious agenda of work and seeks to make the very strongest collective case to Central Government as we seek to achieve the best support, services and outcomes for young carers and young adult carers.

The current officers of the APPG are:

  • Chair: Paul Blomfield MP
  • Vice-Chair: Duncan Baker MP
  • Vice-Chair: Ed Davey MP
  • Vice-Chair: Lord Young of Cookham

In addition to the officers, there are additional MPs and Peers who are members of the APPG (asked to be on the group's mailing list). These are:

Afzal Khan MP
Alistair Carmichael MP
Andrew Gwynne MP
Andrew Lewer MP
Andrew Western MP
Ashley Dalton MP
Barbara Keeley MP
Baroness Brinton
Baroness Lister of Burtersett CBE
Baroness Pitkeathley OBE
Baroness Walmsley
Caroline Ansell MP
Caroline Dinenage MP
Caroline Lucas MP
Chris Stephens MP
Christina Rees MP
Christine Jardine MP
Colum Eastwood MP
Dame Rosie Winterton MP
Fabian Hamilton MP
Fleur Anderson MP
Florence Eshalomi MP
George Howarth MP
Gill Furniss MP
Jo Gideon MP
John McDonnell MP
Kate Osborne MP
Liz Twist MP
Lord Young
Marion Fellows MP
Martyn Day MP
Mary Kelly Foy MP
Mohammed Yasin MP
Nickie Aiken MP
Paulette Hamilton MP
Sally-Ann Hart MP
Sarah Atherton MP
Sarah Green MP
Scott Benton MP
Sir Oliver Heald MP
Sir Robert Buckland MP
Virendra Sharma MP
Wendy Chamberlain MP

Future APPG meetings/events

Where possible, all APPG meetings will take place from 4pm onwards so that young carers and young adult carers will be able to feed into them and attend if they would like to. If you wish to attend, please e-mail 

There are currently no meetings planned due to the dissolution of Parliament. The APPG will be reconstituted after the General Election taking place on Thursday 4th July 2024.

Parliamentarians can join the APPG at any time by emailing

To join the list of observers or for any enquiries please contact:

The chair can be contacted by e-mailing

You can also find out about the work of the APPG via Twitter: @APPGYCandYAC

APPG members
Active members of the APPG are defined as those who have asked to be on the group's mailing list. You can see the full list of active members here.

APPG projects and reports
The APPG helps to improve support and raise awareness for young carers and young adult carers by producing specific projects and reports. Find the projects and reports here.


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