Live Fast, It Doesn't Last

Cliff was a carer for his wife Sheila. At age 85 Cliff shares what he has learnt.

'‘Nobody wants you if you’re miserable, well not in my opinion they don’t. You've got to get on with your life....’'

‘Life, Loss, Learning, Legacy’ (4Ls) is a video storytelling, coaching and peer conversation project that supports people to produce and share their own video stories; celebrate formative life experiences; share how they have coped with experiences of loss with peers; and better understand the learning and legacies taken from their life experiences. The project is delivered by Leeds-based charity Lippy People.

Since 2019 the project has supported over 20 carers with diverse and individual experiences of caring and being a carer. Many older male carers felt that their experiences of being a carer were often not openly talked about, and they wanted to do something to change this. All of the videostories you see here have been made and produced by carers directly, on the 4Ls Project and with the support of their local support services, including Carers Leeds. They have made their videos available for you to watch and learn from.

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