About Carers Trust

Carers Trust works to transform the lives of unpaid carers.

It partners with its network of local carer organisations to provide funding and support, deliver innovative and evidence-based programmes and raise awareness and influence policy.​ Carers Trust’s vision is that unpaid carers are heard and valued, with access to support, advice and resources to enable them to live fulfilled lives.

Our Vision

Our vision at Carers Trust is that unpaid carers are heard, valued and have access to the support, advice and resources they need to live a fulfilling life alongside caring.

Our Values

We are trusted

We work as a trusted partner, collaborating and building genuine relationships with unpaid carers, local carer organisations and supporters to deliver the services we say we will. We behave with integrity, transparency and value everyone’s contribution to our work.

We are inclusive

We recognise and set a value on listening to the diverse experiences of unpaid carers, local carer organisations and supporters. This helps us to meet the needs of unpaid carers in new ways and provides an open approach to collaboration which helps shape truly inclusive services.

We are courageous

We speak up, challenge and act when we see an opportunity or when there is an injustice. Together with unpaid carers, local carer organisations and supporters, we are bold and collaborative in creating effective change and lead the way in driving innovative ideas for improvement.

Our work across the UK

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Our history

Carers Trust has been operational since 1 April 2012.

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Making a difference in the community

Watch our video to hear from two carers about the challenges of caring and the support they get from their local Carers Trust Network Partner. And find out more about how Carers Trust Network Partners support carers locally.